At vNet we rarely charge our customers to build a new website. We would rather support and look after our clients going forward on an annual support contract. We will manage your domain registration, eMail, website and server support. Prices start from a little as £120.00 per annum...

Q: My business is very small, just me and two employees, and our product really can't be sold online. Do I really need a website?

A: No one is saying you should put all your efforts into selling your services or products over the internet, though if your product lends itself to easy online sales, you should be considering it. The point is that you should at the very least a presence on the web so that customers, potential employees, business partners and perhaps even investors can easily find out more about your business and the products/services you have to offer.

Q: We are an association, a small club really. We meet up regularly how could we possibly benefit from having a website?

A: No matter how frequently you meet it is still a good idea to have a place where you can share information about events or let everyone know that something has been re-arranged. Most clubs and societies are looking for new members, contacts and sponsors, the web is a great place to start. Most people nowadays turn to Google as their first port of call to see what is on or available in the local area or community. Your site will promote your club.