vNet can help. We offer effective website design, redesigns, web development and hosting services. All of our design and development services are bespoke and not based on restrictive templates. What we offer is limited only by your imagination!

Web Domain Management

www A web domain name can be thought of as a "nickname" or moniker. Something easy to associate or derive that hides something more difficult to remember. For example is a valid website address but not as easy to remember as Each domain ends with a short string such as ".com", ".org", ".uk", etc.

The ending identifies the organisation that manages the domain type. For example Nominet is the Internet registry for ".uk" domain names and will inform you when your domain registration is about to lapse (usually every two years).

ivNet can take away all the hassle of having to deal with the various registration authorities. We can

- Check the availability of your domain name
- Register your domain name
- Park the domain so no one else can use it
- Maintain the registration
- Transfer a domain from another host
- All costs are included in the annual support fee

Website Design

We love listening to our clients; the web is a generous host for all ideas, no one idea is necessarily the best. If you have an idea we can make it a reality, we also appreciate that a website although important may not be the thing that gets you up in the morning so we can also guide you by providing suggestions and example designs to help you make the right decision for your website.


Website design usually incorporates elements of the company's identity, for example company logos, colours, aspirational targets and goals. If you already have graphic artefacts we can incorporate them into the website design or if you need to revamp your graphics or you think you need to develop a new company image, ivNet can help. We can design logos, suggest complementary colours in addition to designing office stationary and Powerpoint presentation templates.

Web Hosting


Hosting a website ensuring it is there when your customers may need it may sound tricky but it is something we just do. Our hosting service is:

- UK Based
- Provides Website Visitor Analysis
- Has Webmail, Anti Spam & Anti Virus Protection
- Includes Database Support & Domain Parking

Web Application Development

We specialise in developing websites using the latest Microsoft technologies and best practices

We build basic websites, more advanced content management based solutions or in house business specific applications.